Previously stocked & current Real Ales

Exmoor Ales
Proper Job - St Austell Brewery (Cornwall)
Tribute - St Austell Brewery (Cornwall)
Pot holer - Cheddar Ales (Somerset)
Golden Seahawk - Cotleigh Brewery (Somerset)
Doom Bar - Sharps Brewery (Rock, Cornwall)
Butcombe Gold - Butcombe Brewery (Wrington, Bristol)
Butcombe Blond - Butcombe Brewery (Wrington, Bristol)
Summer Lightning - Hopback Brewery (Salisbury)
Crop Circle - Hopback Brewery (Salisbury) 

Our ales change regularly so please take a look here to see what's on offer. Currently on offer we have

Butcombe Bitter 4.0%

Pitchfork 4.3% 


Last Updated ( Tuesday, 14 November 2017 )