The menu has been updated in February 2019.  Please see the Home Page for the SPECIALS BOARD. We have displayed a selection of dishes which may be available.  If you require further guidance regarding the content of any of our meals please contact us or ask our chef. Please see a list below of those items which are Gluten Free.

(Gluten free bread is available to accompany these starters)
HOMEMADE PATE served with salad garnish & toast £4.90 
GARLIC PRAWNS - prawns tossed in garlic herb butter served on a bed of leaves with bread £4.90 
CREAMY GARLIC MUSHROOMS - mushrooms cooked in garlic cream sauce with leeks (smokey bacon bits optional) served with bread £4.90 
THAI FISH CAKE - a large cod & prawn fishcake served with sweet chilli dip & salad garnish £4.90
HOMEMADE SOUP OF THE DAY with fresh bread £4.50
PRAWN COCKTAIL served with fresh home cut bread & butter £4.90
CHEESY GARLIC BREAD – garlic bread topped with melted cheese with a salad garnish £3.50


All our pies are homemade with shortcrust pastry, served with chips or mashed potatoes, peas & gravy £10.90. Choices available:
Beef & Ale
Steak & Kidney
Chicken & Stilton

All our curries are homemade, served with rice & puppodum £9.90. Our cur
ries are generally gluten free. Choices available:
Beef Madras (Hot)
Chicken Tikka Masala (Medium)(GF) 
Chicken Korma (mild) (GF) 
Prawn Curry 
Vegetable Curry


FRESH COD with our own beer batter, chips & peas £10.90 
SCAMPI – deep fried wholetail scampi, chips & peas £10.50 
PLAICE - Breaded golden plaice, chips & peas £10.50 
THAI FISH CAKES - large cod & prawn fishcakes served with sweet chilli dip, chips & salad £10.50


HOME MADE BEEF LASAGNE served with garlic bread, chips & salad £10.50 
LAMB SHANK served with mash potato & vegetables £12.50 (GF) 
RACK OF RIBS in a BBQ sauce served with chips, onion rings & peas £10.90 (GF if no onion rings)

“RINGERS MEGA BURGER” - ¼ lb 100% beef burger in a bread bap with salad leaves, slices of tomato, double cheese & bbq sauce£5.50 with chips £7.50 or 1/2 pounder with extra cheese £6.50 or with chips £8.50 
HOME MADE CHILLI CON CARNE served with rice & garlic bread £10.50
10oz Sirloin served with chips, tomatoes, mushrooms, onion rings & peas £15.90 (GF if no onion rings)  
(Creamy pepper or blue cheese sauce to accompany your steak £1.50)
10oz GAMMON steak topped with either 2 eggs or 2 pineapple slices, chips & peas £11.50 
HUNTERS CHICKEN - Chicken breast filled with BBQ sauce topped with bacon & double cheese served with chips & peas £10.90(GF)  
CAJUN CHICKEN - chicken breast coated in cajun spices served with sour cream & chive dip, chips & salad £10.50  
BLUE CHEESE CHICKEN - chicken breast coated with a leek, smokey bacon bits and blue cheese sauce served with chips or new potatoes & vegetables £10.90

HOME MADE VEGETABLE LASAGNE - peppers & aubergine lasagne served with salad, garlic bread & chips £10.50
MEDITERRANEAN VEGETABLE RISOTTO served with salad & garlic bread £10.50 
SOMERSET BRIE & CRANBERRY TART served with salad & garlic bread & salad £10.50        

butternut squash, courgettes, aubergine & tomatoes served with rice & puppodum £9.90 (GF)
MEDITERRANEAN VEGETABLE TART - crisp basil & maize pastry case filled with tomatoes, courgettes, peppers, onions finished with basil & pumpkin seed crumb served with chips, new potatoes or mash & peas £10.90
SPICY BEAN BURGER - blend of sweetcorn, black beans& lentils layered with leaves, tomato, bbq sauce, onion rings & vegan cheese alternative £7.50 or with chips £9.50 (can be GF)
SMOKEY SQUASH & SWEET POTATO SAUSAGES - roasted butternut squash, sweet potato & paprika, served with chips or mash & peas with onion gravy £9.50  
- vanilla or Chocolate & hazelnut £3.95
BANANA & custard (using soya milk) £4.50
CHOCOLATE BROWNIE served wih chocolate sauce & vanilla ice cream £4.50
APPLE CRUMBLE served with custard or ice cream £4.50 (GF) 

: (Lunchtimes only)
Cheddar Cheese £4.50
Tuna Mayonnaise £5.00
Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato £5.00 
Sausage £5.00
Prawn & seafood sauce £5.00 

Chips £2.50
Side salad / Garlic Bread / Onion Rings / Mushrooms £1.50
Bread & Butter £1.00


* approx uncooked weight. VAT included at 20% (4/1/2011). Service charge is not included. The products on this menu may contain seeds and/or nuts or traces of. All items are subject to availability.


BANOFFEE PIE – Buttery digestive biscuit base topped with soft toffee, slices of banana & cream, finished with flaked almonds 
CHOCOLATE BROWNIE - a rich dark home made chocolate brownie, served with chocolate sauce & vanilla ice cream 
APPLE CRUMBLE – apple topped with sweet crumble (GF) 
APPLE & BLACKBERRY PIE – short crust pastry pie deep filled with apples & blackberries 
TREACLE TART – short crust pastry base filled with breadcrumbs & golden syrup 
CHOCOLATE SPONGE PUDDING – light chocolate sponge with a white chocolate centre topped with milk chocolate sauce
INDIVIDUAL RASPBERRY PAVLOVA – meringue layered with cream & raspberries 
LEMON MERINGUE ICE CREAM CAKE – shortbread biscuit base layered with lemon dairy ice cream & white chocolate coated lemon meringue pieces, topped with vanilla flavour mousse & lemon curd

All desserts £4.50 & are offered with a choice of cream, custard or ice cream.

Ice cream (3 scoops) with wafers & sauce £3.95 (Choice of vanilla, chocolate or strawberry or mixed- GF) 


Your favourite spirit or liqueur in a large glass with fresh ground coffee topped with cream
HIGHLAND – Scotch Whisky
CALYPSO – Tia Maria

HOT BEVERAGES - £2.40 (Fresh Bean to Cup Coffee)
Coffee – fresh black or white
Espresso - highly concentrated coffee
Cappuccino – traditional Italian style coffee
Latte Machiatto - a long shot of espresso is added to warm milk & foam  
Hot chocolate – hot frothy chocolate  £2.00 or with cream & marshmallows £2.50
Tea - large cup or mug of fresh brewed tea £2.00

Also luxury syrups available to add to your coffee, create your own unique flavour, choose from caramel, chocolate, vanilla, mint or coconut. £2.60.


Fish fingers
Battered Chicken Chunks

Served with choice of chips, mashed potato or new potatoes & choice of peas, baked beans or vegetables of the day.   

Roast meal on Sundays £5.50

It may be possible to provide a smaller portion of some items from the main menu, please ask

We pride ourselves on our freshly cooked (on the day) sunday roast dinner. Roast beef & yorkshire pudding and Roast pork, crackling with apple sauce (£8.95). All are accompanied by roast potatoes, gravy and vegetables. There are also three vegetarian choices available and an extensive dessert menu where desserts cost £4.50 accompanied by a choice of custard, cream or ice cream. (Special Offer on Sundays dessert only £2.00 if having a roast dinner)
Other meals available on Sunday lunch:
SCAMPI - deep fried wholetail scampi, chips & peas £10.50 
PLAICE - Breaded golden plaice, chips & peas £10.50 
CHILLI - Home made chilli con carne served with rice & garlic bread £10.50 
CURRIES - Beef Madras, Chicken Tikka Masala, Chicken Korma, Prawn, Vegetable Curry £9.90 
SANDWICHES - hot meat of the day £5.00, sausage £5.00, cheese £4.50, Tuna mayo £5.00, Prawn £5.00

We can cater for most special dietary requirements and have previouly adapted meals on the menu for laxtose intolerant, gluten free, low fat, Atkins diet, etc. Please mention at the time of making your booking.

Gluten Free Menu Items

Prawn Cocktail served with gluten free bread
Creamy Garlic Mushrooms served with gluten free bread
Garlic Prawns served with gluten free bread
Pate served with gluten free toast
Homemade soup served with gluten free bread

Chips/New Potatoes/Rice

Chicken Korma

Chicken Tikka Masala

Prawn Curry

Vegetable curry

Lamb shank served with mashed potatoes & vegetables

Chilli Con Carne

Cottage pie served with peas

Gammon steak

Steak (no onion rings)

Home cooked ham served with eggs & chips

Pork sizzler served with rice or chips

Hunters Chicken served with chips & peas

Cajun chicken served with chips or new potatoes & salad

Fish Pie served with peas and carrots